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Your Editor is Your Friend

An editor should be a writer’s best friend.  A good editor can take a decent story and help the writer make it a very good, or even great, one.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with several editors that I … Continue reading

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A Flash for Its Day

Saturday was National Flash Fiction Day, a day to celebrate short stories with less than 1,000 words.  I know at least one of you wrote a flash story, because Laura posted hers into the comment section (huzzah!).  I hope others were … Continue reading

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National Flash Fiction Day

I bet you didn’t know it, but today is National Flash Fiction Day—in Britain at least, but who says a Yank can’t celebrate it, too?  It’s a day to celebrate flash fiction (also called short-short fiction and sudden fiction), which … Continue reading

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Pushing Through to “The End”

I know a lot of writers, myself included, who have a hard time finishing stories (are you nodding as you read this?).  I don’t think this an unusual problem. Writing stories is a lot like running a race.  At the beginning, … Continue reading

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Challenging My Motivation

In general, I’m a self-motivated and disciplined person.  I can set a schedule and stick to it.  It’s one of the reason I can work from home.  This also works well for my writing, which currently doesn’t pay the bills … Continue reading

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Updating My Bio

I realized today that I hadn’t updated my author bio following my move.  A new bio was long overdue actually, even if I hadn’t moved.  The old one was the first bio I’d ever written, and frankly, it wasn’t all … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Loses Iain M. Banks

Science fiction (and literature in general) lost one its brightest writers yesterday when Iain M. Banks passed away from gallbladder cancer.  He revealed his terminal diagnosis several months ago, but still managed to finish his final novel, The Quarry, which, … Continue reading

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Time to Get Back into the Reading Routine

A writer should be well read.  Everyone says it, and I believe it.  I think it’s important for every writer, no matter what he or she writes, but especially for genre writers to be well-read in their chosen genre (and beyond).  … Continue reading

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