A Little of This and That

It’s been about a week since I’ve checked in here.  Usually I make it a point to get here every two or three days and see what’s up, but I’m still having computer problems (and thus connectivity issues).  I’ve been told my new machine won’t be here until sometime next week.  Sigh.

I’ve got a little news on the writing front, however.  I finished a story that was inspired by Earth Day.  Reading the story, you likely wouldn’t be able tell because the idea morphed several times during the creative and writing process.  It’s out the door already, and slowly making the rounds.

Speaking of slowly making the round, I have several other stories on the submission circuit, but it seems like they are all sitting, sitting, sitting.  At this rate I’m never going to reach my submission goal of 60 short story submissions in 2013.  Nearly everything I have out there seems to be sitting for four, six, eight months these days.  I keep telling myself this is a good sign (and generally I think it is), but that doesn’t make the wait any easier.  Fellow Hopefull Monster Colum Paget and I have both noticed a slow down in the slush pile at nearly every market over the last six to eight months, but I don’t know if that’s real or just impatience.  I know waiting is part of the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Also on the writing front, the Hopefull Monsters have expanded.  Australian writer Robert Datson has joined the ranks.  He came recommended by fellow Aussie (and Hopefull Monster)  Tracie McBride, and that was good enough for us.  Robert’s a member of the Australian Horror Writers Association (you can find his profile here) and is looking for that first sale.  Maybe the Monsters can help him get there, and in return he can bring a little new blood to the group (his, hopefully, and not someone else’s).

One the personal front, I’ll be completing my move to continental U.S. in less than two weeks.  “But didn’t you move in January?” you ask.  Well, sort of.  I moved house, and my family relocated, but I had to come back to the Pacific to tie up loose ends at the day job.  Those loose ends are nearly knotted up in somewhat pretty bows, and on May 16th I’ll board a plane and rejoin my family just in time to enjoy a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to my family and my new home.

I guess that catches things up for now.  I’ll get back to regularly scheduled writing stuff with the next entry.  Better yet, maybe I get to make a sale announcement.  After all, I do have several stories that have been sitting on editors’ desks for a while now.

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