Some Writing Odds and Ends

For the last week and a half, it’s been quiet around here because I’ve traveling.  Things have been in some upheaval recently as I try to complete my move.  I’ve been one foot in two places since January, but hopefully I’ll get to one place permanently in another month or so.  I’m still tying up the final loose ends at the day job.

While I’ve been quiet here, I did manage to finish my Nebula reading, and get my votes submitted for the short story and novelette categories right at the deadline.  I’ve already posted my thoughts on the Nebula nominees for short story; I’ll post my thoughts on the novelettes soon.

I’ve also found I’m stuck for the time being on my current novel in progress.  I’m moving into the third and final act.  I know where it needs to end up and basically what I want to happen, but the my current outline just says: “stuff happens here.”  Hmmm….not too helpful.

I finished the revision of a short story that’s been getting dusty on my computer for a long time.  That feels good, although I’m not sure the story is any good.  When I’m close to a story for so long, I tend to lose perspective on it.  If I can get it cleaned up today, I’ll send it out to some people for feedback.  Now I can turn my immediate attention to another unfinished story that’s also been gathering dust for a while, but which I’m ready to tackle.

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