A Satisfying Second Helping

Back in January, Waylines published their debut issue and featured three short stories and three short films.  One of those films, The Maker, caught my eye, and the fiction wasn’t bad either, featuring stories by Beth Cato, Jeremy Sim, and Grayson Bray Morris.  Since then, I’ve been waiting to see if Waylines‘ next issue would feature more excellent work.

Waylines released issue two this week, and while I’ve yet to read it cover-to-cover, I have read and watched enough to say issue two is another is very strong outing.  While none of the three short films rose the brilliance of The Maker, all were well-crafted productions worth viewing.  I’ve started reading the fiction, too, and so far I’m enjoying Sean Ead’s “The Seer.”

If you’re looking for something diffrent to read, I recommend you check out Waylines.  They’ve only produced two issues, but editors David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm are doing nice job of picking interesting fiction and compelling cinema, which bodes well for the future of this e-zine.  I’ll be keeping watch for issue three.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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