An Octopus Update

Yesterday I got a status update from the Mr. David Joseph Clarke, editor of Suction Cup Dreams, the long overdue anthology that will contain my story “The Octopus Garden.”  I was beginning to wonder what was up at Press—they had been quiet for a while—but I was afraid to query and possibly learn that they had canceled the projector worse, shut down.

Well, are apparently alive, albeit a little worse for wear from the sounds of it, and moving forward with Suction Cup Dreams.  Mr. Clarke, the one-man force behind press has had a few distractions and some challenges over the last six months, but he seems to be back on track with the anthology, which has me excited that this one will find its way into print in 2013.  (I’m particularly excited because he also said each story will have a commissioned illustration!)

While I like working with small presses, I’ve learned to expect delays and to not be surprised if things simply fall apart.  Publishing is a tough business, and I don’t think people realize exactly what they’re getting into when they decide to start a small press, edit and produce an anthology on their own.  Even though some of the small press projects I have been associated with in the past have failed, I will continue to work with them simply because I have a lot of respect for those willing to give it a try.  Oh, and when they succeed, they can produce some exceptionally fine books….

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