Anthology to Feature Campbell-Eligible Writers

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m eligible for the Campbell Award.  I’m one of many Campbell-eligible writers.  With so many of us, I have been wondering how nominators/voters even know who we all are?

M. David Blake, an assistant editor at Stupefying Stories and a fellow member of the Codex Writing group, has come up with an idea to help.  Stupefying Stories issued a call for an anthology that will feature the qualifying story of any Campbell-eligible writer.  Their goal is to publish as many of these in a single place as possible, and make that volume available to any and all who will be nominating and voting for the Campbell Award.  As Mr. Blake says in the guidelines: “Awards (and nominations) are a lot more meaningful when selected from a broad spectrum, than from a restricted palette.” 

This will be unpaid, reprint anthology.  It has a projected release date of February 1, 2013, which will allow word to get around to qualified participants, and still allow over five weeks for people to read it before ballots would be due.  Check out the guidelines for complete details, including the submission deadline.  If you know anyone who qualifies, please pass along the information.

While I don’t have serious Campbell aspirations (there’s simply too many good new writers out there), I have submitted my work in for the anthology and would be interested in reading it.  If nothing else, this looks like an excellent way to get my work before more readers, and my thanks go out to Mr. Blake and Stupefying Stories for putting it together.

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