Time to Celebrate

I hit my NaNoWriMo goal today: 50,000 words, and with three days to spare. 

These last few days were a bit of struggle as I’ve hit a rough spot in my novel.  I need to move my characters through about 10 days of monotonous travel, but I’m not really sure how I want to do that, so I’ve been writing around and through it.  I’m sure I’ve written a lot of words that will wind up on the cutting room floor, but sometimes that’s part of the process of finding my way.  I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m sure I will.

Good luck to those still working toward their own NaNoWriMo success.  You’ve still got three more days.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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2 Responses to Time to Celebrate

  1. Zen A. says:

    Congratulations, and good luck figuring out what you want to do! I’ve completely given up on getting to 50k now. There’s no way I can write 30k+ words in three days, haha.

    • Thanks, and sorry to hear you won’t make your NaNoWriMo target this year. 20K is a decent start, however. Stick to that pace and in another 3-4 months you’ll have a finished novel draft. Good luck!

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