“No Better Yesterday…” Now Available

My short story “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” appears in issue #14 of Mystic Signals.  The issue came out a few weeks ago, but I was holding off on announcing it until I had the purchasing information (this one is a print only publication).  You can buy a copy of Mystic Signals containing my story here.  If you’re not yet convinced to rush out and buy a copy of “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow,” maybe a little teaser will help:

          Anna could barely see the rest of the reclamation crew through the fogged faceplate of her haz-suit.  Twenty minutes of hustling through the maze of crumbled buildings and rusted machinery had left her gasping for air.  Bent over, hands on knees, Anna fought the urge to increase her airflow and concentrated instead on controlling her breathing.
          “Air’s wasting.”  Rodrik’s chiding burst through Anna’s helmet speaker.
          Rodrik, Marc, and Naila waited ahead, outside a windowless building, the eastern quarter of which lay in a pile of twisted metal and pulverized concrete.  Even in their bulky haz-suits they looked small against the skeletal remains of the multi-story buildings.

 To find out what happens to Anna, you’ll have get a copy of Mystic Signals.  I hope you enjoy.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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