Diabolical Plots Interviews Mike Resnick

Just a quick post today because I’m feeling a little under the weather (I must have caught something on the plane ride home).  One of the few websites I read with any consistency is Diabolical Plots, run by speculative-fiction authors Dave Steffen and Anthony Sullivan.  Recently they interviewed multi-award winning writer Mike Resnick.  While I don’t always agree with everything Mike has to say, he brings considerably more writing experience and perspective to the table than me, and the interview by Carl Slaughter provides a lot of insight into the business and process of writing.  I think it’s a must read for new and established writers.

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2 Responses to Diabolical Plots Interviews Mike Resnick

  1. ahamin says:

    I hope I get my hands on it, I am a new and established writer who just got published.
    thanks for the share

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