Heading Home

Vacations are always nice to recharge the battery.  I get to spend quality time with the family, see new things, and eat some good food.  I’ve been traveling around the west coast of the U.S. for the last three weeks (California and Oregon), but now it’s time to head home.

I was hoping to get more writing done this trip, but I that was a foolish dream.  I’ve never been able to do a lot of writing while traveling; there’s simply too much going on.  This trip I did managed to write most days, but I only hit my daily word target about half of the time.  Sadly, I didn’t get any of the story drafts I brought with me revised, but I kept my submissions going (sort of), and I sold two stories (yeah!).  As much fun as the vacation has been , I am looking forward to getting home—except for that loooong plane ride across the ocean.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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