“Strand in the Web” Goes Live

My story “Strand in the Web” is now available at Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi.  They publish two stories a month, and I have the privilege of sharing the June issue with recent Nebula winner Ken Liu (always an honor).  Here’s an excerpt from “Strand in the Web” to (hopefully) pique your interest:

           By the time Sandoval caught up with the poachers, the slaughter was nearly over.  As he approached under cover of an Andrussan feather fern, two poachers wielding mono-wire saws finished cutting off the last of the aerodon’s nine, man-sized tusks.  With a sickening snap of connective tissue, it dropped to the spongy moss.  A mountain of pink flesh convulsed, and ripples ran across the aerodon’s bulbous lift-sac like waves snapped across a collapsing canvas tent.  It emitted a plaintive whine that turned Sandoval’s stomach.  The poachers hadn’t even bothered to kill the great beast before butchering it.

But wait!  There’s More!  In addition to the stories, Goldfish Grimm also publishes interviews with the authors.  Learn more about “Strand in the Web” and my writing process here.  So head over to the publication with the best name on the interweb and check it all out.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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