Suction Cup Dreams Scheduled for July has announced a July release date for Suction Cup Dreams: An Octopus Anthology, which will contain my story “The Octopus Garden.”  As the title of both the anthology and my story suggests, this will be an anthology of speculative fiction about all things octopus.

This is the publisher’s debut anthology, so I hope it stays on schedule.  If the responsiveness of the editor (Mr. David Joseph Clarke) is any indication, I expect it will arrive on time, and that it will be a fine-looking volume.  It’s a pleasure to write for and support small presses, so I encourage you to buy a volume when it comes out.  If nothing else, I’m sure my humble entry will be worth the price <grin>.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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2 Responses to Suction Cup Dreams Scheduled for July

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    Very cool! Is the story based at all on your experience as a marine biologist?

    • Not on my experiences as a marine biologist per se, but it incorporates much from my travels through the Pacific Islands. This story draws heavily on Polynesian myth and culture, and experiences in place like American Samoa and Papua New Guinea (I know, not Polynesia, but some similar issues). I only hope I have done all of it justice.

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