“Do Not Go Gentle into the Night” Now Available

My dark speculative fiction story “Do Not Go Gentle into the Night” is now available at Darker.  While much of my writing has a dark underbelly, this story is dark underneath, in the middle, and on the top—so be prepared, but don’t be daunted.

“Do Not Go Gentle into the Night” is a story about two old politicians trying to negotiate a lasting peace between their warring people.  Darker editor Robert MacAnthony summed it up nicely when he wrote it’s a “story of love, friendship, war, and betrayal.”  Here’s a brief excerpt:

          Willem flinched away from the orange flash on the horizon.  “I wonder if that was one of ours?”  The orange faded from the night sky, but continued to spot his retina. 
          Green tracer fire arced overhead, casting the coral-cobble beach in a ghoulish glow.  A moment later, a concussion washed across the beach like a rolling breaker.
          Danault, Willem’s attaché, shifted his weight from one foot to the other.  “Ikhsan is late.”
          Willem ignored him.  Ikhsan had asked for this meeting, so he would be here, battle or not.
          “It’s not safe out here, sir.” 
          The boom of shore-to-sea howitzers nearly drove Danault to his belly.  Shells whistled toward the horizon. 
          Willem’s gut tightened.  How many more men and woman would die when those shells hit?  “Ikhsan will come.”

Head over to Darker to read the rest, and while you’re there, be sure to check out their other fiction.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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