“Wings Over the Suicide Rocks” Now Available

One of the things I like about epublishing is the speed at which things can be made available.  My story “Wings Over the Suicide Rocks” has gone live at 10Flash Quarterly, only a few days after I announced the sale.  This is probably the the fastest I’ve ever had a story go from acceptance to the computer screen.

As always, 10Flash Quarterly has a wonderful selection of flash fiction for April, written by an array of new and established talent.  I haven’t read them all yet,  but I’m looking forward to it.  I recommend you check out the entire issue…but only after you’ve read my story <grin>.

On a sad note, K.C. Ball, the editor at 10Flash Quarterly, has announced that the April 2012 issue will be the publication’s last.  While I am certainly disappointed to see this magazine go, I understand the challenge and time investment needed to make a small publication work; it’s truly a labor of love and determination that at some point must come to an end.  I wish Ms. Ball the best with her future publishing and writing endeavours (check out her story “Snapshots I Brought Back from the Blackhole” for a nice sample of her work), and I want her to know that she created a publication that was a pleasure to read.  I will miss it.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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