IN SITU Release Delayed Again

Recently, fellow Hopefull Monster Colum Paget wondered if the IN SITU anthology was becoming the next Last Dangerous Visions.  I certainly hope not, but news I received last week isn’t encouraging.  This anthology was original due out in February 2011.  It got pushed to the summer 2011, then to late fall, then February 2012, and now its been delayed again.  The publisher,  Dagan Books, sent an email assuring me that the anthology will come out, with a new target release of March. 

IN SITU will have to come out soon, because the rights to my story “Hoodoo” revert back to me at the end of March, and I’m not certain how much longer I want the story tied up in publishing limbo.  I’ll have a difficult decision to make if the anthology doesn’t come out before the contract expires, and the publisher asks to re-up it for several more months.  Sales are hard to come by, so if there’s a reasonable chance IN SITU will come out, then I would leave it with Dagan Books—thier previous anthology was a beautifully produced and well-received volume, and I would be proud to have a story in a publication like that.  If it isn’t going to come out, then I want to put “Hoodoo” back into circulation and find it a home somewhere.  Hopefully it won’t come to that, and Dagan Books will get back on track.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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