“The Sea Shall Have Them” is Now Available

I’ve written little fiction about the ocean, but last summer I wrote a series of ocean-inspired stories.  At that time, I wondered if any of them would be “good” enough to be publishedAt least one was.

The Sea Shall Them,” is now available at Liquid Imagination.  This one is published in their literary story section.  I guess it’s “literary.”  It’s structure is definitely experimental, and it’s one of the darker pieces I’ve written.  Here’s an excerpt:

          Daniel can’t remember the name of the woman he left sleeping in his apartment.  He calls her The Artist, another in the endless progression of women since Susan, all of them nameless — The Artist, The Doctor, The Blonde, The Receptionist.
          He rolls down the window and cool, dry air streams in, burning off his sweat.  With a shaky hand he eats the sandwich he bought at the Kwik Stop just off I-5.  It fills his belly like ballast.  The hum of tires on pavement soothes him.  Desert blacktop is always glassy smooth like it was poured yesterday.
          The empty road stretches to the sky, bruised purple fading to coral as dawn approaches.  His grandfather used to tell him that the desert got hot every day because the rocks caught fire at dawn. 
          Yet another of his stories.

No sign of the ocean yet, so you’ll just have to read more….

The publication has selected some interesting artwork to go with my story.  I don’t think it’s custom artwork, but it’s fitting .  As always, be sure to check out the other stories published at Liquid Imagination, and I hope you enjoy “The Sea Shall Have Them.”

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Writer of speculative fiction
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