“Requiem for Shiva” Now Available

The February issue of The Future Fire containing my story “Requiem for Shiva” is now available for free reading.  Joining me in the issue are Ian Sales (who is editing a forthcoming anthology called Rocket Science), S. Ali, A. J. Fitzwater, and Mark D. Dunn. 

Here’s an excerpt from “Requiem from Shiva” to whet your appetite:

          A flash of pink, low and to his left, caught Endahl’s attention.
          He leaned forward until the straps dug into his shoulders.
          In a ditch along the side of the road, a woman clutched to her breast a small child in a pink dress. The little girl, pigtailed and no more than three, struggled to get away. The woman’s dark face looked up at him, her eyes wide. Her mouth moved, but no words came out. Yet Endahl could read her lips, as clearly as if he could hear her plea: “Please don’t hurt her.”

You can read the whole story here (I hope you enjoy it), and while you’re there, be sure to check out the other stories in the issue.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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