New Release Date for IN SITU

“Hoodoo” was the first story I sold in 2011, and it has yet to appear in print.  The anthology in which it was to appear has been delayed multiple times.  In January, the publisher, Dagan Books, approached me about extending my soon-to-expire contract, and I agreed to extend the rights for another three months.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the release date for IN SITU has been updated to this month (February 2012), so I have hope again that this anthology on alien archeology will get published.  I really like the theme, and Dagan Books’ previous anthology was a smart-looking, well-received volume.  Dagan Books is a small press, run almost single-handedly by Carrie Cuinn, so I would expect hiccups in production to happen.  It’s also just the type of operation I want to support and see succeed, which is why I’ve listed this forthcoming publication in the bio I’ve attach to many of my sales.  Hopefully all this is a good sign, and “Hoodoo” will soon move out of my list of “forthcoming” publications and into my list of “published” stories.

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1 Response to New Release Date for IN SITU

  1. Colum Paget says:

    Is it out yet? I was meaning to buy it.

    I should go over to dagan and check.


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