A Little Love for Thief

Rusty Keele runs a site called Best Science Fiction Stories.  Every few days, he features a story that has caught his eye, and last Monday he featured my story “Thief of Futures.”  Considering the number of speculative fiction stories published every month, it’s a pleasant surprise to have someone highlight one of my stories, especially when that someone is unrelated to me, and thus not genetically predisposed to like it.

This was the first I’ve seen of Mr. Keele’s site, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites and not just because it’s featured one of my stories—althought that certainly helps.  Looking at the list of “best stories,” I see several favorites: “Jefty is Five” by the incredible Harlan Ellison, “Johnny Mnemonic” by William Gibson, “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, and numerous favorites from Philip K. Dick.   It’s nice to join such good company.

Elsewhere, Sam Tomaino, the short fiction reviewer at SFRevu gave “Thief of Futures” a thumbs up, saying “Minton writes a good little story here” and recommending that readers check out the entire September issue of Lightspeed Magazine.  “Thief of Futures” also picked up its first reader review at Goodreads: “Neat premise, and a backdrop you’ll sink right into.  Read this one…then seriously consider signing up for Lightspeed Magazine – they’ve put out some seriously good stuff in their short history.”

I don’t write stories thinking about how readers will react to them (I write the story as I think it needs to be written), so it’s gratifying when someone actually enjoys it enough to write a few words about it.

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