Reviewed in 8 Words

For Shakespeare, brevity was the soul of wit.  If that’s true, I recently received one of the wittiest reviews I will probably ever get.  This isn’t a complaint, mind you.  I appreciate when anyone takes the time to read one of my stories, and if they take the additional time to write anything about it—good or bad—even better. 

Reviewer “Blue Tyson” at Free SF Reader posted a synopsis and review of “Thief of Futures” last Monday (find it here).  Impressively, he captured everything he wanted to say in eight words:

“Collection agent target kid.  3.5 out of 5”

I do wonder if he got my story mixed up with another.  That’s not quite the way I would have summarized it (collection agent?).  I did get something a little more conventional than Richard Larson’s “The Ghost Party,” however, which garnered an even “wittier” synopsis and review: “Nightmare taco, 3.5 of 5.”   I admit I’m intrigued and a little jealous I didn’t get a synopsis like that.

The “3.5 of 5” seems to suggest something slightly above average—overall it appears that the September issue of Lightspeed Magazine got a good review.  Mr. Tyson writes, “Another fine issue at 3.63, again with assorted articles and short interviews.”

So thanks to Free SF Reader for posting a link to my story and giving me a few words.  If a few more readers find and enjoy my story as a result, I’m a happy author.

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