The Waiting

I like to think I’m a patient person, but I am of the generation that grew up on a steady dose of MTV (when it actually used to play music), 24-hour news cycles, and the internet.  I know I’m a lot less patient than my parents, so I’m not surprised that I find myself compulsively checking email as I wait to hear back on stories that I’ve sent off to publishers.

Even though publishing is crawling into the digital—a.k.a. modern—age, it’s still a painfully slow business.  While there are exceptions, it can take months for an editor to review a story and respond.  For someone used to measuring time by Google’s fractions-of-a-second search engine, that’s a long time.  To make matters worse, the responses are generally rejections.   I try to take my mind off the waiting by writing another story: write, submit, forget…write, submit, forget. 

Maybe I’ll hear back on one of my submissions today.  Given the likely response, do I want to?  Of course I do; I’m a writer.  I’ve actually chosen a path that is a gauntlet of ego-deflating punishment.  But I’m also an optimist.  Maybe the next response will be an acceptance that propels me into my happy dance.  Maybe I should check my—no, I should get back to putting words on screen instead.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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2 Responses to The Waiting

  1. Oh man. Welcome to the fold of waiting writers! Just remember, rejections are stepping stones, not road blocks. Keep writing.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Adam, and for the encouragement. Rejections suck, but they’re part of the job we signed up for. Every writer gets them—if you’re not getting them, then you’re not submitting <grin> Good luck with your own writing (I like your goal to write a story a week).

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