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I like to keep an eye on comments posted to my stories.  Call it part vanity and part market research.  I know I can’t please everyone, but it’s always nice to get an enthusiastic response.  Suzanne Conboy-Hill’s response to Nil Desperandum’s podcast of “Memories of Childhood” was one of those responses that gave me that warm-all-over glow when she called it “riveting”.

I recommend you check out Suzanne’s site and don’t leave without reading some of her fiction.  Her flash story “Moonrise“, published recently at Everyday Fiction, was brief, but entertaining.  Thanks, Suzanne, for the great ego boost and an even better story.

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1 Response to Reader’s Comments

  1. Suzanne says:

    Well, thank you to you too! Your story appeals to my love of futurisms, especially those that seem not too distant. It also pulls into focus the debate about who we are, and where the ‘I’ of our identities exists in our neurology. That and it was damn well written!

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