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“Still Life” Sold to Daily Science Fiction

Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso, the editors at Daily Science Fiction, notified me today that they want to buy my story “Still Life Through Water Droplets.”  I’ve tried several times (unsuccessfully) to get something in this publication, so I’m excited … Continue reading

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Author Bios

One of the things I hate to do is write author bios for publication.  Recently, I’ve had to write  a couple for some stories coming out in the near future.  I never know what to write.  Do I try to … Continue reading

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Travel and Inspiration

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling this year, more so than I have in the last few years.  The travel has really spurred my imagination and inspired story arcs, characters, or settings for several recent stories. In January, … Continue reading

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The Time is Now

If you’ve found your way here, welcome to my site.  I’ve decided that it’s finally time to catch up with the rest of world and establish an online presence, if for no other reason than to allow people to more easily … Continue reading

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