Recently Published

Wastelands_2_fr_cvr“Dreams in Dust”
Wastelands 2, February 2015

Keraf carries plans that could save humanity, but stranded in the Atlantic Basin with only a single bullet and an empty canteen, he must find water if he’s going to succeed.




New Accelerator--My Mask Humanity (cropped)“My Mask, Humanity”
The New Accelerator , February 2015

“My mistress calls me her mimic. It’s as good a name as any, and I have had more names than I can clearly remember.”





The Latest News

Feb. 24: “Dreams in Dust” is released in the Wastelands 2 anthology

Feb. 20: “My Mask, Humanity” is reprinted by The New Accelerator.

Feb. 18: I’m alive, and back after a long hiatus!

Nov. 15: “Hoodoo” is published by Kasma SF.