Recently Published

Kasma SF“Hoodoo”
Kasma SF, November 2014 (artwork by  José Baetas)

Sam Gondo lost everything in the war with the Bindi: his wife, his daughter and his humanity.  Now a new alien threat may be his last chance at salavation.





Plasma Frequency Cover“Comes the Piper”
Plasma Frequency, April 2014

The dark secret concealed by a woman and the town she lives in must be confronted when a strange couple arrive, bringing with them a fiery cacophony.





The Latest News

Nov. 15: “Hoodoo” is published by Kasma SF.

Nov. 11: Six stories are published at

Oct. 20: Purple Sun Press accepts “Servant of the Sea” for upcoming fantasy anthology.

Oct. 15: “The Schrödinger War” selected as  Million Writers Award notable story.