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Plasma Frequency Cover“Comes the Piper”
Plasma Frequency, April 2014

The dark secret concealed by a woman and the town she lives in must be confronted when a strange couple arrive, bringing with them a fiery cacophony.





SS Feb 2014 (cropped)“The Schrödinger War” (podcast)
Starship Sofa, February 2014

You’d think after seven tries, Sam Hohlman could get the living part right, or at least be a pro at dying, but both are still messy and painful.




The Latest News

April 11: Finished a script of “Still Life Through Water Droplets” with filmmaker Sairaj Reddy.  Mr. Reddy hopes to go into production soon.

April 5: “Comes the Piper” is available in the latest issue of Plasma Frequency.

Mar. 1: Everyday Fiction accepts “Wheat King.”

Feb. 26: The podcast of “The Schrödinger War” is live at Starship Sofa.