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It’s Hugo Season Again—Meh. . .

I used to look forward to the Hugo Awards. That was until last year’s Sad and Rabid Puppy nominating fiasco turned me off sufficiently that I can’t even muster much energy to say “meh” this year because the Puppies are at … Continue reading

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Walden Planet and Other Stories

When my writing group, Hopefull Monsters, disbanded last year, I wondered how many of the members might be done with writing.  I suspected a few might be (only time will tell if I’m right), but I knew Richard Zwicker wasn’t.  Rich was probably … Continue reading

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Milestone for an Ex-Monster

I was in a writing group called the Hopefull Monsters for many years, but sadly we disbanded last year.  While in the group, I made several pretty good internet friends (I’ve never met any of them in person, but would like … Continue reading

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Proofs! Page, That Is.

While I was traveling last week, I received page proofs for the What the #@&% Is That? anthology which will contain my story “Now and Forever.”  It’s always exciting to get page proofs, because it’s the first concrete evidence that … Continue reading

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