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Starship Sofa Welcomes “The Schrödinger War”

I got word late last night that the podcast of my story “The Schrödinger War” was going live at Starship Sofa.  I haven’t had a chance to hear what narrator Josh Roseman has done with it—and I’m always a little … Continue reading

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A Great Find and Some Writing News

So it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted anything.  I managed to get unstuck in the snow and catch my flight to warmer climes for the day job.  Whenever I travel for work, things get exceptionally busy—I have to … Continue reading

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Wasteland 2 Table of Contents

My story “Dreams in Dust,” which originally appeared in Lightspeed Magazine‘s December 2012 issue, was selected to appear in an upcoming anthology called Wastelands 2.  The anthology was originally to appear from Nightshade Books before the publisher imploded.  Fortunately, editor John … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Snow

So all that beautiful snow that’s been falling the last few days, finally caught up with me.  We wound up with a knee-deep “dusting” that I needed to shovel off the driveway.  Man, are my shoulders sore. Today I was … Continue reading

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It’s Snowing

It’s snowing today.  I haven’t seen it snowing out my window in over twenty years.  Living in the tropics will do that.  I felt like a little kid again sledding with my daughter down the driveway.  So much fun.  So … Continue reading

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“Comes The Piper” Finds its Frequency

I’m pleased to announce that Plasma Frequency has accepted my story “Comes the Piper.”  This is my first sale of 2014, and it feels good to sell one after a lengthy dry spell.  “Comes the Piper” is a very different … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2013

I’m a goal-oriented person and every year I set writing goals for myself.  Goals are important for me because they give targets to strive toward, and allow me to see progress.  Without tangible goals, it’s easy to lose site of … Continue reading

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