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“Still Life…” to Get the Film Treatment

This week I achieved another first in my writing career.  A few weeks ago, a student filmmaker from India named Sairaj Reddy contacted me and expressed interest in adapting my story “Still Life Through Water Droplets” to film.  After a brief negotiation, we came … Continue reading

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Amazon to Publish “Fan Fiction” through Kindle Worlds

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it had reached licensing deal that will allow fans of some popular television shows and novels to write, publish, and earn money off fan fiction.  For those not familiar with fan fiction, its stories written … Continue reading

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At Last, Home

I finally completed the move I started back in January.  I caught a red-eye flight to the continental U.S. last Thursday (for those keeping track, the state of Oregon, to be specific) and spent the weekend playing with my daughter, relaxing, … Continue reading

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Nebula Awards Announced

This weekend, the Science Fiction Writers of America announced the winners of the 2012 Nebula Awards.  For those not familiar with the Nebula Awards, they’re one of the genre’s two major “best of” awards (along the with the Hugo Awards).  … Continue reading

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Did They Really Cite Me as an Authority?

So I stopped in yesterday to publish a post (Killing a Story Through Revisions), and I decided to gander at my visitation stats.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw a huge spike in my site-traffic for Tuesday … Continue reading

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Killing a Story Through Revision

I mentioned last week that I was working on a story that I thought needed “one more pass” before it would be finished.  It was a story I have been working sporadically on for over a year.   I’m happy to say … Continue reading

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A Little of This and That

It’s been about a week since I’ve checked in here.  Usually I make it a point to get here every two or three days and see what’s up, but I’m still having computer problems (and thus connectivity issues).  I’ve been … Continue reading

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