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One More Pass

I’ve nearly finished a story that has been difficult to write (it seems like I’ve been writing a lot of difficult stories recently).  The subject matter is dark and the emotions in the story strike dangerously close to home for me.  I … Continue reading

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Death and the Necessity of Back-ups

My computer decided to give up the ghost this weekend, so I’ve been relegated to a “loaner” until I get a replacement.  It had been teetering on the edge the last few weeks, and finally all attempts to resuscitate it … Continue reading

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Am I an Inspiration Addict?

Last night I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble cafe editing a few stories and enjoying a tea and a relaxing mix of heavy metal music when I hit on an idea that made me sit up and whisper “What … Continue reading

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Prompting Me to Write

I’ve been asked on many occasions where I get my story ideas.  As those of you who read my author’s notes like know, I don’t have a single answer to this question.  I don’t have an idea-generating machine or magic … Continue reading

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2013 Hugo Award Nominees: Novel and Novella

I posted the Hugo Award nominees for the short story and novelette categories already.  To be complete, here’s the nominees for the novella and novel category: Here are nominees for Best Novel: • 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson • Blackout, Mira … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Nebula Novelettes

Ballots for the 2012 Nebula Awards were due March 30th.  As a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, I get to vote, which is very cool.  I seldom have time to read all of the nominees, so I … Continue reading

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“Portraits from the Shadow” Finds a Home at IGMS

Great googlie-moogoolie!  I just finished writing my previous post about my sale to Daily Science Fiction when I received an email from Mr. Edmund Schubert over at Orson Scott Card’s InterGalatic Medicine Show accepting my story “Portraits from the Shadow.”  I’ve been wanting … Continue reading

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“The Negotiation” Goes to Daily Science Fiction

Daily Science Fiction has accepted my story “The Negotiation.”  I’m happy about this sale for a few reasons.  First I like DSF, and while not everything they publish is to my liking (but what magazine does), they are a great … Continue reading

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Amazon Acquires Goodreads

Over the years, Goodreads has become a major player in the publishing business.  It’s a social networking site (with over 16 million members) that allows people to share and review what they are reading, and let the world know what they … Continue reading

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Some Writing Odds and Ends

For the last week and a half, it’s been quiet around here because I’ve traveling.  Things have been in some upheaval recently as I try to complete my move.  I’ve been one foot in two places since January, but hopefully … Continue reading

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