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Amazon: Only the End of the Funnel?

Over the past few months, I’ve been following some of the research on how people find and buy books (see here and here and here, if interested).  All this research is interesting from the social science perspective, but it’s also … Continue reading

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2012 Nebula Award Nominees: Novel and Novella

A couple of days ago, I posted the Nebula Award nominees in the novelette and short story categories.  While the novel and novella categories are of interest to me,  I didn’t post them because I doubt I’ll vote on these … Continue reading

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2012 Nebula Award Nominees (with links)

It’s award time again.  My little segment of the fiction writing world has two major awards given out annually: the Hugo Award (named for Hugo Gernsback) presented by the World Science Fiction Society and the Nebula Award presented by the Science … Continue reading

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Ebooks Changing the Way We Use Libraries

I finished reading the Pew Report Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits some time ago.  I posted a few thoughts on the report several months ago (here and here), but I never got around to posting my final thoughts. In addition to … Continue reading

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The State of Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores

Last year, Borders Books, the second largest bookseller in the U.S., closed its doors.  Their inability to compete with large online retailers such as Amazon was the primary reason cited for their bankruptcy.  When Borders went under, many industry experts … Continue reading

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Should I Register my Copyright?

As a writer, you’d think I’d know the ins-and-outs of copyright law, especially considering the recent brouhaha over the Games Workshop trademark infringement case.  Other than knowing that what I write is protected under U.S. copyright law the second I put … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Space Marines?

This might be old news, but I just heard about it this week (so it’s new news to me).  The story itself—or at least this round of it—is over, but it illustrates the state of things in the online world.   … Continue reading

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And It’s Out….

That didn’t take long…but they also said it wouldn’t…. The 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology from Stupefying Stories is now available for free download.  It contains three of my stories: my Campbell-qualifying sale, “Thief of Futures” (originally published in Lightspeed Magazine), “Observations … Continue reading

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Pre-Campbell Anthology Set for Release

I signed my contract today allowing up to three of my stories to appear in a special issue of Stupefying Stories.  M. David Blake, one of Stupefying‘s editors, has put together a pre-award reader to assist Campbell Award voters.  (The John W. Campbell Award is … Continue reading

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“Still Life Through Water Droplets” Live at Toasted Cake

Yeah for Toasted Cake!  My story “Still Life Through Droplets,” originally published in Daily Science Fiction, is now up for listening at Toasted Cake, perhaps my favorite podcasts out there.  If you’re not familiar with Toasted Cake, it’s a Parsec … Continue reading

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