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An Octopus Update

Yesterday I got a status update from the Mr. David Joseph Clarke, editor of Suction Cup Dreams, the long overdue anthology that will contain my story “The Octopus Garden.”  I was beginning to wonder what was up at Press—they had been quiet … Continue reading

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Turn the Screws and Make ’em Squirm

I critique a lot of stories by both experienced and novice writers.  While I get to see a lot of stories that I think work, much of what I read doesn’t.  Often the story has a clear conflict, well-developed characters, and … Continue reading

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“Dreams in Dust” Gets Listed

I’ve been offline for about 10 days, so I only recently learned that my story “Dreams in Dust” has made Tangent‘s recommended reading list for 2012.  Woo-hoo!  I’ve never made a recommended reading list before, so I’m excited and honored. Tangent and … Continue reading

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Getting Settled

I made it to my new home, and finally got my internet up and running.  I’m not settled in yet, but I’m getting closer—and with only a few hiccups.  Having spent more than half my life in the tropics, the … Continue reading

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In Transit

The big day is finally here.  The house movers show up today and this is likely the last post until I get settled in the new home and get reconnected.  I expect that will take until the middle-to-end of this … Continue reading

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Looking Back on 2012

The last page of 2012 has been logged into the history books.  Reviewing my writing performance for the year, I see a strong start to 2o12 that ran into some bumps later in the year.  I met some goals; I failed to meet others, … Continue reading

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Welcome The Grinder

Since Duotrope went to its pay-to-play format, I’ve been following the development of some competing market databases and submission trackers.  I wrote about new development effort (Submitomancy) a few days ago.  And now I’ve learned about a new submission tracker whose … Continue reading

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The Lost Weekend

I can’t believe it’s almost Tuesday.  I lost this weekend to one of the worst stomach flus I’ve ever had.  Pile that on top of the hectic packing schedule, holding a final garage sale, and making the final move arrangements and … Continue reading

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The Maker

Short films are a lot like short stories.  Animation is one of my favorite art forms.  Put the two together….well, let’s just say I can easily spend a day sitting in the dark watching a short animation festival. With everything going … Continue reading

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Duotrope’s pay-to-play model is even tighter than I thought it would be.  While they haven’t entirely shuttered their shop to “freeloaders,” they’ve effectively cut all services to non-subscribers. Given this, it’s not surprising that an alternative submission tracker and market … Continue reading

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