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“Hoodoo” Set to Launch

I returned page proofs of “Hoodoo” yesterday—it looks like this long-delayed story is getting closer to publication.  The editor at Specutopia has been an pleasure to work with, and his editing suggestions were spot on.  I really like it when an editor gets … Continue reading

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Ebook Sales Soaring in 2012

It’s not new news that ebook sales are growing faster than sales of traditional paper book.  Yet for the first time, ebook sales have exceeded hardcover sales; first quarter (2012) ebook sales were $282 million compared to $230 million for hardcover … Continue reading

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A Year? Really?

I noticed today that it’s been a year since I first established this site.  Wow, a year!  I started scribbling my thoughts on writing and publishing in June 2012, shortly after I received the publication date for “Thief of Futures,” … Continue reading

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Inspiration: “Time Debt”

I can often trace the inspiration for my stories back to one or a small handful of things.  It could be something I read, a trip I took, a brainstorming idea from a writing prompt—almost anything really.  My story “Time … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Cloud

I was home sick from the day job today and spent time fooling around on the internet when I should have been writing (I did some of that too, however).  I came across one of those “word clouds” and thought it might be interesting … Continue reading

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Diabolical Plots Interviews Mike Resnick

Just a quick post today because I’m feeling a little under the weather (I must have caught something on the plane ride home).  One of the few websites I read with any consistency is Diabolical Plots, run by speculative-fiction authors … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again, When Did I Get Back?

Even though I got home from a three-week vacation late last week, I’m still on vacation…mentally, at least.  Generally I’m able to reintegrate myself back into my day-to-day life fairly quickly, but I’m finding it difficult this time.  I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

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Heading Home

Vacations are always nice to recharge the battery.  I get to spend quality time with the family, see new things, and eat some good food.  I’ve been traveling around the west coast of the U.S. for the last three weeks (California and … Continue reading

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The Sour and the Sweet

I withdrew my story “Hoodoo” from IN SITU.  This makes me sad, because I have been looking forward to the anthology coming out and because I like small presses and want to support them.  I can still remember my excitement when “Hoodoo” … Continue reading

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Inspiration: “Strand in the Web”

It’s not always easy to trace the inspiration for a story to a single thing, but this isn’t the case for “Strand in the Web,” which appears in the June issue of Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi.  Waaaaay back in 2010, … Continue reading

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