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Michael Haynes Interviews…Me

Michael Haynes interviewed me last week about my story “Observations on a Clock” and my writing process.  The interview is now posted, so head over to Michael’s site and check it out.  I will also be stopping by periodically to … Continue reading

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New Release Date for IN SITU

“Hoodoo” was the first story I sold in 2011, and it has yet to appear in print.  The anthology in which it was to appear has been delayed multiple times.  In January, the publisher, Dagan Books, approached me about extending my soon-to-expire … Continue reading

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A Chat With Michael Haynes

Back in January, author Michael Haynes featured my story “Observations on a Clock” in his short story dissections on his website.  It’s an interesting analysis, and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.  After it appeared, I … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Eggs

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about past versus present tense, so when I came across a wish list of writing rules to break by Charlie Jane Anders at io9, I got a crazy, déjà vu feeling when I saw “No … Continue reading

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Does (or Did) Tense Matter?

There seem to be unwritten rules about writing, particularly with regard to things like point of view and tense.  I’ve had people tell me that stories should be written in the past tense instead of the present tense (or the future, for that … Continue reading

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Two More Monster(ous) Sales

It’s time to celebrate a couple of recent sales by my fellow Hopefull Monsters: • Richard Zwicker sold his story “Stellar Dust and Mirrors” to Stupefying Stories.  In their current issue, Stupefying Stories has a piece from another Monster (D.J. Cockburn), … Continue reading

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Step Inside, World

As someone who works in the sciences for my day job, I’m fascinated by data and what they can tell me.  Naturally, I love the site-visitor statistics that WordPress supplies (one of these days I will plug this thing into Google … Continue reading

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