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Words to Live By

In 2005, Steve Jobs delivered the commencement address to Stanford’s outgoing class.  If you haven’t read what he had to say, take a moment and read it, I’ll wait…. Ordinarily I don’t care for inspirational speeches, but I read this … Continue reading

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The Artwork for “Requiem for Shiva”

“Requiem for Shiva,” which appears in the February issue of The Future Fire, is my first story for which a publication provided custom art work.  Oregon artist Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein produced two fantastic black and white drawings (they look like charcoal drawings … Continue reading

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“Requiem for Shiva” Now Available

The February issue of The Future Fire containing my story “Requiem for Shiva” is now available for free reading.  Joining me in the issue are Ian Sales (who is editing a forthcoming anthology called Rocket Science), S. Ali, A. J. Fitzwater, and … Continue reading

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Nebula Award Nominees: Best Novel and Novella

A few days ago, I posted the Nebula Award nominees in the novelette and short stories.  At the time, I didn’t post the nominees for best novel and novella because I doubt I’ll vote on these categories—I’ve read only a … Continue reading

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Considerations Before Venturing into the Self-Publishing Jungle

As the number of stories I publish increases, I’m beginning to think about ways to further market them.  Traditionally, authors either sold them as reprints to other publications (e.g., anthologies) or collected into a single volume and sold them to a … Continue reading

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2011 Nebula Award Nominees

In speculative fiction, there are two major awards given out annually: the Hugo Award (named for Hugo Gernsback) presented by the World Science Fiction Society and the Nebula Award presented by the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA).  Yesterday, the SFWA announced the … Continue reading

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Nothing Like a Little Research to Make the Time Go By

One of the reason I like writing speculative fiction is it gives me another reason to learn new things.  I’m a naturally inquisitive person to start with—that’s probably why I got into science as my day job—and I like to … Continue reading

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I’ve Finished My Story, So Now What?

Writers like to talk, and a favorite topic of conversation is where to submit manuscripts.  How do you decide where to send your latest masterpiece if it wasn’t written with a specific market in mind?  It’s a good questions, with as … Continue reading

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Savaging the Classics

As my fiction starts to appear in pro-rate magazines, it’s also starting to gather reviews.  I’ve had a few stories reviewed by some of the larger speculative fiction publications, like Locus and Tangent.  They’ve been mixed, which I don’t think is particularly … Continue reading

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“Requiem For Shiva” Gets illustrated

The editor at The Future Fire sent the page proofs for “Requiem for Shiva” today.  They included the artwork that will accompany my story, and I’m very impressed with the two black and white drawings done by Oregon artist Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein.  They … Continue reading

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