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A Moment of Silence

I echo Charles Stross’ thoughts about today.  A moment of silence says everything.

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Breakfast, with Tautology(?)

My wife is a very patient woman.  She puts up with a lot of my random musings.  While fixing breakfast yesterday, I made a comment that something—I can’t remember what—was indescribable.  That made me pause.  “Doesn’t indescribable, in fact, describe … Continue reading

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Reader’s Comments

I like to keep an eye on comments posted to my stories.  Call it part vanity and part market research.  I know I can’t please everyone, but it’s always nice to get an enthusiastic response.  Suzanne Conboy-Hill’s response to Nil Desperandum’s podcast … Continue reading

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Tell You What I Think: The Value of Critiquing

I think there are two ways to learn how to do something.  The first is obvious: do it.  No matter how much you read about something, there’s no substitute for actually doing it.  In writing, you can read all of … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Find

I have a bunch of Google Alerts set up to notify me when people post about my stories.  Today while I was checking those Alerts, I corrected one that I noticed had an error in it.  I immediately located a … Continue reading

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“Thief of Futures” Now Available

The September issue of Lightspeed Magazine contains my story “Thief of Futures”.  An electronic version is available for purchase now, or you can wait until September 20th to read my story free online.  I’m excited to share the September issue with some … Continue reading

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